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Uni-Solar Flexible Lightweight Solar Panels

Jul 11, 2019 1:24:12 PM

Uni-Solar panels are the gold standard. They're a quality product, lightweight, flexible and directly adhere to many roofing surfaces avoiding penetrations.




Smart design

Each cell is connected to each other via bypass diodes, so if one cell is shaded or soiled, only the power output of the one shaded cell is lost. With other systems, the output of the entire panel is affected.

Originally designed for membrane and metal roofing system applications, Uni-solar panels weigh less than 1/5th the weight of rigid glass crystalline solar panels. When you combine their light weight, flexibility, and no-hole installation, Uni-solar flexible solar panels are great option for rooftop and portable solar projects.

Curved Roof
Metal Roof

Battery Charging
Disaster Prep


Take a look

Uni-Solar flexible solar panels are used worldwide in residential, commercial, industrial applications. Here's a video from Uni-Solar. While the music is a bit much, the video shows some truly impressive Uni-solar installations.




Made in the USA

The Uni-Solar flexible solar panels we carry were manufactured at the Uni-Solar productions facility in Michigan. Uni-Solar panels are powering factories, cruise ships, homes, RVs, and commercial buildings around the world.



Uni-Solar Flexible Solar Panels

Item Brand Watts Weight Length Width
PVL-24 Uni-Solar 24 - 36.5 15.5
PVL-64 Uni-Solar 64 - 112 15.5
PVL-116T 1 Uni-Solar 116 - 198 15.375
PVL-116T 30 Uni-Solar 116 - 198 15.375
PVL-128T Uni-Solar 128 - 216 15.375
PVL-128T Uni-Solar 128 - 216 15.375
PVL-128B 1 Uni-Solar 128 - 216 15.5
PVL-128B 30 Uni-Solar 128 - 216 15.5
PVL-128 SP Uni-Solar 128 - 216 15.375
PVL-136 1 Uni-Solar 136 - 216 15.375
PVL-136 30 Uni-Solar 136 - 216 15.375
ePVL-144T 1 Uni-Solar 144 - 213.1 14.49
ePVL-144T 30 Uni-Solar 144 - 213.1 14.49
PVL-144 1 Uni-Solar 144 - 216 15.375
PVL-144 30 Uni-Solar 144 - 216 15.375

General information on Uni-Solar solar panels

Installation manuals, guides, and instructions for Uni-Solar solar panels

Uni-Solar solar panel specifications and data sheets




Uni-Solar Solar Shingles

Item Brand Watts Weight Length Width
SHR-17 1 Uni-Solar 17 - 86.4 12
SHR-17 15 Uni-Solar 17 - 86.4 12




Don't let the name fool you...

Recycled Goods stocks a variety of NEW flexible solar panels and DIY solar cells, including these leading brands:






We're here to help

If you have questions or need assistance choosing the best flexible solar panels for your application, please visit our contact page or call (805) 648-3300.


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